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Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Just wanted to quickly post a few pics from my trip to Las Vegas last week. If I had to sum it up in three words, I would describe it JUST FREAKING AWESOME. The suite was just incredible – 1500 square feet of overabundance A quick practice in card counting Hoover Dam was really impressive...

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Our Little baby…bird…Baby-bird!!!

Meet Fiona – our little baby TAG girl – the newest and sweetest addition to the family  Fiona is 10 week old Timneh African Grey and I love her to pieces! After just a few days she already recognises my voice and comes to me stretching her little unfully feathered neck asking for a scratchShe...

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B&N Wedding Planning Adventures Part I: Moneybox

YES! We are getting married too! The date is set, the venue is booked and I became one of those budget obsessed brides with a twist – instead of just looking for a good deal I’m on a mission to achieve my vision (yes I did acquire one of those as well, thanks) by creating as...

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The spring of Lensbaby

I think everyone was excited to see the winter go, and frankly we were itching to take the cameras out without having to dress like polar bearsAlso, since the lensbaby has been sitting idle in the bag for quite a while now, we figured we should dust it off and take it out for a...

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