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Good lens / bad lens

How does one decide which lens to buy? Why are some lenses more expensive than others, and how can we tell if one lens is better than another? These are some of the common questions which we’ll try to answer here. The purpose of a camera lens is to focus the light rays into a...

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Why do I need to buy a hot shoe flash when my camera has a built-in one?

A flash is a device used to provide an instantaneous burst of light at about the same color temperature as daylight (5500K). A flash is typically used in situations when there is not enough ambient light to properly expose a scene. These days most cameras have a built-in flash unit, and for the most part,...

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Which camera should I buy?

“Which camera should I buy?” This is perhaps the most common question I get from people. And the first thing I say in response to that is that they are asking the wrong question. You are only “buying a camera” if you’re talking about point-and-shoots. But when you cross over to the realm of SLRs,...

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B&N Learning Corner coming soon

Just a quick heads up for all you photography enthusiasts – starting as early as next week, we will start posting educational articles, picture samples and videos in our “tutorials” section. Topics will cover anything and everything related to photography that we consider worth posting, and if you have any specific requests, as far as...

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