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Extension Tubes for Macro Photography

Let’s briefly look at something that we use fairly often – Extension tubes. If you don’t know what extension tubes are used for, it’s basically a cheap way of converting any lens into a macro lens. So if you plan on doing any kind of close up photography, even just occasionally, you may find this...

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Good lens / bad lens

How does one decide which lens to buy? Why are some lenses more expensive than others, and how can we tell if one lens is better than another? These are some of the common questions which we’ll try to answer here. The purpose of a camera lens is to focus the light rays into a...

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Why do I need to buy a hot shoe flash when my camera has a built-in one?

A flash is a device used to provide an instantaneous burst of light at about the same color temperature as daylight (5500K). A flash is typically used in situations when there is not enough ambient light to properly expose a scene. These days most cameras have a built-in flash unit, and for the most part,...

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Montreal and Quebec City

We went to Montreal and Quebec city in August, and never got around to posting some pictures that we took, so we thought better late than neverWe stayed in a quaint little hotel modestly called “Chateau Versailles” on Rue Sherbrook near the base of Mont-Royal. The place was 5 min walking distance to Rue Sainte-Catherine,...

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