I think we got ourselves a new dog…

Okay I can explain this! First of all, I can assure you it was not planned..no seriously, it wasn’t! Even though I’ve always wanted a dog and we entertained the idea of having one in the course of time, I wasn’t actively searching for one and most certainly wasn’t looking for one that day…By some twist of fate Bojan sent me a link of a puppy that his colleague had applied for and of course I started lazily browsing to look at other pooches when I saw HIM…I don’t know what exactly triggered it, maybe its was that gremlin mixed with fox look, maybe it was the big melodramatic eyes but we went to see him the very next day… And then went back to ‘think about” meanwhile I was already deciding where to put his bed and how to break the news to our cat.

Mischa is a young long haired applehead chihuahua who was rescued from a breeding facility and didn’t have the best ‘childhood’. The first few days at our home were heartbreaking. He is extremely affectionate, tender, kind and friendly guy but every time we approached and tried to pet him, he would stop, duck his head and close his eyes as if hoping every time that he would get petted and not hurt. He was never walked on a leash, he was terrified of doorways and elevators, nobody ever played with him, he had no appetite and having spent most of his life living in a crate with bunch of other unfortunate dogs he didn’t even have a name…I’m happy to report that we are making so much progress that sometimes we don’t even recognize him. He loves to walk, wags his tail a lot and even “smiles” and above all he loves to snuggle. Even though he still looks a bit sad at times, we do everything to surround him with love and attention and hopefully he  never ducks his head again when approached and forgets all about his past:)


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