A Beautiful Afternoon Walk in High Park with Deirdre and her three girls: Leila, Persephone and Willow

I can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoy taking pictures of people and their furry, spiky, fuzzy, feathery companions:) Deirdre is one of those amazing people who will do everything in her power to help or save a dog in need. Persephone, one of her dogs, was 11 years old when Deirdre adopted her – she came with a long history of abuse, trail of all sorts of problems and was basically left  to die. Even though I heard that the adjustment period was rough – you should see them now, Persephone never leaves Deirdre’s side! Both Persephone and Leila are at the very respectable age and even though it breaks your heart to look at their skinny little bodies, I know that they are in good caring hands and so so loved by their owner 🙂

To all of you my friends: please know that if you decide to take “People and Their Pets” portraits with me, you will also be helping animals in need – 20% of the fee will be donated to various organizations that are dedicated to making a difference in the world of domestic and wild animals, raise awareness and basically give humanity a second chance to prove themselves. Please know that I will be donating money portion from each and every shoot to such organizations like PETA, OSPCA, Toronto Humane Society and also small private shelters that do not have much support or fame and  could really use some help to provide good care for those unfortunate animals they took on themselves.

Thank you!


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