Newborn Photography FAQs

 When should I schedule my newborn shoot?

The key to having a successful newborn photo shoot and achieving various “sleepy, curled up poses” is to have your baby photographed within the first 10-15 days of life.  So I recommend contacting photographer to book the shoot before the baby is born or as soon as you are back home from the hospital. Having said that, you can still have beautiful images with older babies (I accept babies up to 2.5 months old for newborn shoots) however it can also mean that certain looks and poses will not be possible due to baby being more aware and harder to soothe.

Where does the shoot take place?

I have a cozy in-home studio with full lights set-up and wide range of props and accessories to match your ideas and preferences as much as possible.

How long does the session take?

Newborn session can take anywhere from 2 to4hr but on average it takes around 3hr to complete all the shots and allow enough time for feeding, changing or soothing breaks. Newborn shoots cannot be rushed!

How can I be prepared for the shoot?

I recommend to not overfeed the baby prior to the shoot – sleepy babies with full tummies photograph the best and ideally we should be able to feed the baby here in the studio before the we start

Be fully aware that to have a comfortable sleepy baby , it is necessary to have extra heat  – so for parents not to get completely toasted,  I recommend wearing layers or even prepare a change of clothes so you can be comfortable and not sweat.

I  ask you to not be concerned with scheduled feedings and feed your baby on demand. If not nursing, please bring extra food to ensure we have enough for any additional top-ups.

What should we wear for family portraits?

I usually recommend to stay away from busy patterns or bright colours – it’s great to coordinate the clothes among the parents but keep in mind that simple is always the best. As for the baby, I usually leave the babies either naked or wrapped to provide them with comfort and facilitate posing.

Do I need to bring in props, like hats or baskets, to use during the session?

I provide a wide variety of set-ups, props and accessories, however if you have any special items you would like to incorporate in some of the shots, please feel free to bring them as well.

 Can I bring grandparents and other family members for the shoot?

I highly recommend that only the baby’s parents (or one helper beside mum) are present due to two main reasons:

My studio space is very limited and will not be able to accommodate many people comfortable

The shoot is planned and directed around the baby and baby’s comfort so it’s important to eliminate extra distractions as well as stay with the well establish plan for the shoot (for example I cannot lower temperature, open windows if other adults feel too hot)

How many looks and outfit changes can we have?

I always think about the props for the shoot ahead of time and provide at least 3 or more unique looks and set-ups for the baby. Just like with poses, I cannot guarantee multiple clothing changing for the baby as those are very disruptive and may result in baby fussing however we can add variety into the shots by unlimited accessories changes.

Do you charge extra for sibling portraits?

I don’t charge extra for portraits with the siblings, however I do request to tell me about any plans to bring other kids.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, sure – I respect your desire to include your fur family member into the shoot and will do my best to incorporate them as well as keep them comfortable in my studio space.

How many proofs can I expect to receive and when?

I usually provide 30-40 proofs in private online gallery where you can select your favorites and receive them in high resolution digital file. My turn around time is up to 14 days.

Can I buy additional files?

Yes, absolutely – any additional files are at $10 per file.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me directly at contact@bn-photography.com



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