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Toronto Portrait Photography – Emily

Emily is an inspiring artist and a good friend of mine. For as long as I’ve known her she has been always sketching and painting and I kept telling her to start sharing her vision with the rest of the world! I’m so excited that she finally decided to present her beautiful creations to us – I can’t wait to see her art on Pinterest!

Here are just a few of my favorite frames I did for her Bio page!



Toronto Pet Photography with the most Dynamic Cat Trio!

The winter is almost over and the spring is finally rolling in! I’m opening my pet portraits season with this wonderful couple Anita and Aaron and their 3 boys: Oakley, Gryphon and Calyx. Oakley and Gryphon are siblings and Calyx is the new addition to the family (that’s right he is the serval mix one – an incredibly gorgeous and unique little kitten).

Oakley is a proud cancer survivor and thanks to his mom and dad who (despite the most negative prognosis of the doctors) decided to go ahead with the treatments and just do everything they could to make him fight this terrible disease, is an incredibly energetic, friendly and just overall sweet natured cat! Despite his  paralyzed back legs Oakley played along with his younger brother and kept me company during those moments when the other two models went MIA in the middle of the shoot:)I just loved Oakley:)

Frankly I didn’t get to socialize with Gryphon much – he did come out to greet me when I first got into the house but then had to excuse himself and tried to do his best to avoid any participation in the photoshoot. His portrait is the very last one in this post.

Calyx is definitely the most dynamic one out of the whole trio – mischievous, tireless and absolutely gorgeous kitten – he is loved by everyone in the family and clearly is spoiled rotten:)

As usual, thanks to you 15% of the fee will be allocated to the fund to help out local rescues and shelters.



Toronto Studio Pet Portraits with the best looking English Bulldog Henry!

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