Toronto Pet Photography – Outdoor Portraits, Toronto Downtown

My first truly winter photo session this season, yay! Meet Marlene, Jeff and their most favorite English bulldog in the whole world – Hank!:)We had a studio shoot earlier that day but later decided to take a risk of turning into snow people  and do few portraits outside:)Hank was ecstatic – he danced in the snow, watched snowflakes fly and was just grateful to be out of the studio:)

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Toronto Family Portraits – Maureen, Saverio, Isabella and Olivia – Distillery District, Christmas Market

Toronto Pet Photography: Adriana and Daisy Mae

Toronto Pet Photography: The Other Employees of Capital C Marketing

Thanks to one of my dearest clients I got to do a really exciting gig at Capital C Marketing. Let me start by saying that it’s one of those companies that makes you have a severe case of “office envy”: you get to work in a cool lofty space with exposed brick, wooden beams and quirky items scattered throughout the office and then you also get to bring your doggy on Fridays!  Actually the latter would be exactly how I ended up spending an afternoon at Capital C and distract everyone from their work – I was brought to take some “corporate portraits” of all the dogs that were in attendance that day. Needless to say it was chaotic, tail wagging, insane experience and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Having debated (with myself mostly) on how and what to post on my blog, I decided to do a resume on the “other employees” of Capital C with brief characteristics based on my first impression of each and every one of them:)

Thank you everybody – it was such a pleasure meeting you and I will cherish this experience for the longest time!

As usual, thanks to you 15% of the fee will be allocated to the fund to help out local rescues and shelters.



And here it is, please meet the other employees of Capital C :


bold, eager and not afraid to show his affection (in fact, he’ll insist on it)


funny and gentle, big fan of big chairs (if you can get him to sit in one)


active, observant, loves sharp ties and meatballs.


rather shy but amiable, has a perfect meetings attendance record.


understanding, humble and patient. just wants everyone to get along.


affectionate, welcoming and very playful. enjoys “working” as a team member as well as independently.


well mannered, able to get along well with co-workers and accept supervision.

FRODO and CAPTAIN SCARLETT – two proud office woolies.

CALI - sweet natured, attentive, able to adapt herself to new surroundings (anything for Will really).

BUSTER - active, sporty, basically a massive ball of fire.


accommodating and very considerate. loves watermelon.

DUKE – toddler in heart but loves to play a big boss.

LOLA - cute and delicate cookie monster. always neat appearance with a very professional attitude.


and then there were four…

R e c e n t   P o s t s